Standing Stones.

Standing Stones are a prominent site across the globe, and here in Caithness is no exception.
Standing Stones of Get

An excellent example of Standing Stones in Caithness. These are situated atop the Ironage Garrywhin Hillfort in the hamlet of Ulbster, (between Wick and Lybster on the Caithness east coast). The walk to them is relatively easy, with only minor boggy sections.

Hill O Many Stanes

A south-facing hillside on the east coast of Caithness, this site has over 200 upstanding stones, none taller than 1m. They are arranged in a fan shaped patter, believed to be from Bronze Age times, as this ties in with similar sites in Brittany. There are no other similar stone arrangements in the UK. Some researchers believe they are a means of mapping lunar cycles, why don't you visit and see what you think.

Houstry Stone

A large monolith situated in the area of Smerral, in fairly close proximity to the Guidebest Stone Circle. The 2 sites could well be linked. 

North Bilbster Stone

A Large stone standing in a field off Bilbster Mains. It stands around 8ft high by 4ft wide.

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