Promoting, preserving and ensuring a lasting legacy for the archaeology of Caithness.

We are the Caithness Broch Project, an exciting, grass-roots charity (SC046307) and we have some BIG plans for our home county. Have a look around our website to learn more.

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There are more broch sites in Caithness than anywhere else in Scotland, yet we do so little as a County to promote them. By rebuilding a Broch, using the same techniques as the original builders, we will provide an insight into how Iron Age people lived their lives in Caithness.

Our Projects

The Project is a large undertaking, and as such involves several steps.

  • Promotion and Signage of existing Caithness Archaeological Sites

  • Authentic Building of an Iron Age Broch

  • Running the Broch as a Tourist Attraction

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Existing Sites

As mentioned Caithness is littered with Broch Sites. Not only that, we are blessed with an abundance of Standing Stones, Stone Circles, Cairns and Castles, some discovered, but with plenty more out there awaiting the intrepid adventurer.