Very ambitious protect. Would be great to see.

This is a very desirable and needed project for the area.

I would think an awful lot can be learned about Brochs by actually creating one using the methods of the time and also about their use. I suspect many people have heard of Brochs but only have vague idea of what they actually are and so would be interested in visiting one. It can only be of benefit not only for the Lybster area but also for Caithness in general.

I think it's a really exciting project and I am so glad it's going to be sighted where it is. I am glad that it has the potential to attract visitors away from the beaten track to see more of beautiful Caithness and learn more about our fascinating history.

A brilliant initiative to bring local history to life in a way that will support tourism, create job opportunities and boost the economy.

This is an ambitious project, one which has the potential to put Caithness on the map. By having a replica Broch and associated facilities it will undoubtedly attract tourists and locals alike. Anything we can do to encourage people to stay and visit Caithness is a fantastic idea! I look forward to seeing this progress.

I will visit this when the project begins! I think it's a great idea and as an architect I think the broch is stuff an incredibly enduring and enigmatic project.

Fantastic project, something that will be very beneficial for the area and hopefully will get every support from Highland Council.

This project will have a significant benefit to both the local and county wide community. It will encourage tourists to stay in the area longer instead of just passing through. The technical element of the build will bring to life long lost building techniques.

I don't live in Caithness but Dundee and have been eagerly watching your project for years. As a long time fan of ancient monuments, I think it is a tall order but a very inspiring one which I do hope you'll achieve and I would definitely support.

Road access, wheelchair access and car parking, including buses and the numerous camper vans and caravans is a must. Also room for them to turn. Could be a big draw for the schools of all ages. Hands on stuff for the kids and adults makes a huge difference. Café can be a big money maker in the summer.

I wish you every success, I think this will have a massive positive influence on the area.

I think this is a brilliantly conceived project particularly with the additional facilities planned.

A lot of the factors listed above will depend on how they're managed e.g. the site will be as educational or environmentally sound as you make it. I have faith in the project.

Wholeheartedly support this project. Would be lovely to have a nice tearoom as well for use all year round.

I think this is an ideal site for the replica Broch and facilities, it will promote the rich history and archaeology already in the surrounding area and Caithness.

Please keep going, and thanks for all the effort so far.

The Caithness coast is absolutely beautiful, stunning and needs something that’s alive to bring it to to life for passing tourists, these tourists also love to spend money.

If your plans are anything like Skara Brae in Orkney then the sooner it gets going the better ...excellent idea.

There is so much archaeology in our area its going to great to show case our beautiful and unique landscape.

I think it's a great idea... we'll definitely visit.

Playpark at the visitor centre would also be amazing.

Brilliant effort to date, and amazing goal - would be a significant tourist draw.

I think this is an important project.

Café/visitor centre is a great idea, will it be seasonal or all year? Parking will be important, charging station for EV's might be a good idea as well.

I can’t wait to come see this someday!

This is a great idea. Best of luck!

The location is important and this will be important to ensure maximum impact. The stone needs to be hand worked and not machine cut. Be good to see school/college involvement and apprenticeship opportunities. Good luck !!

Would be great to have this in Latheron.

Great to see all your years of hard work getting closer to fulfilment.

Brilliant idea, a must for the area as it’s a shame Orkney gets so much Tourism for their history when Caithness is all but forgotten when we have so much here. It’s just not advertised and promoted like Orkney.

This is a brilliant idea and would be of great benefit to our local area.

I’m an enthusiastic tourist to Scotland (outer Hebrides, Orkneys, Kintyre, others) and would definitely journey to Caithness to see the broch to see how ancient people lived in them. Good luck with the project!

I think this is a super cool idea. I love history and ancient architecture.

Great project!

Brochs are cool

Keep up the good work guys.

Good luck with your project.

No brainer; great for the area

I can’t wait for this. It’s going to be such a boost to the local economy and such a draw for visitors. I know the Broch team will think through all decisions carefully and create something extraordinary while also being sympathetic to the environment. Personally I can’t wait to see what a Broch really looks like when it’s recreated rather than a ruin. The benefits for understanding local archaeology better will be significant too, it has the potential to really put Caithness and all it has to offer on the map. Bravo Caithness Broch Project!

This would be a fantastic attraction and educational project for the county.

Very interesting reading your posts and seeing your pictures. keep up the good work👍

Go for it! Would love to see this come to fruition.

Keep at it...its close!

I think this will be an amazing project in the area, not only in providing a well needed source of employment but also in attracting tourist and keeping them in the area longer, instead of just passing through. The educational value for locals and children, etc. is immense. As a local and an early years educator, I'd love somewhere on my doorstep to take a group of children to and to learn more about the area and its people's history.

This is a wonderful project outline and very exciting! Caithness really lags behind other areas in making the most of its rich heritage, I hope this project will redress the balance.

Sounds like an absolutely brilliant project. Best of luck getting it off (or should that be on) the ground.

Brilliant, get it done.

I'm no stonemason but if I can help at all I will.

This is exactly what Caithness needs, both economically and educationally. As a youth worker, I have taken young people to staffed facilities like Skara Brae, but that is costly and Caithness is as rich in history as Orkney, so it would make sense to try and establish something in our own county.

A must for Caithness with so many brochs in the area. Strongly support.

Amazing opportunity but you have to do it well and I think a good well run café like Annie's Bakery would make a massive difference. Do what it takes to get people talking about what a great day out they had. Ask yourself what can we do to go viral.

I think it is a project worthy of support. This area needs to attract tourism and provide jobs for people.

This project can be THE example for Caithness to follow with regards to further tourist destinations. We should support this and also be as ambitious as possible.

The building of a new broch offers huge potential for the area. From the supply of 1000s of tonnes of materials, the opportunity to train people in dry stone building, employment of dry stone wallers, the huge educational opportunities and leaving a legacy for generations.

I think you have a potentially world class project here and it is a pleasure to witness the enthusiasm you and your team have shared today.

Well done getting this far 👏

Excellent project that brings the past into the present.

I think building a replica Broch is a good idea to increase education and engage with prehistory of Caithness.

Great idea

Get it done

This will be a fantastic opportunity for Caithness

Think this will be a great asset to southeast Caithness and give a boost to tourism and trade in the area.

Orkney has embraced its heritage and history and attracts significant tourist numbers because of that. Caithness born, currently living overseas.

Fantastic idea and very well thought out and researched.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for Caithness.

Delighted to offer something of such great interest to Caithness. Orkney captures so many of our tourists!

Love you!!! Good job keep working!!!

My Mothers ancestors are from Caithness & Sutherland, My Grandfathers from Thurso.
So long as the "tourist trappings" car parks etc doesn't impact adversely on the ecological & nature habitat & wildlife. & that there is promotion, education & information for tourists, as well as policing of wildlife & habitat protection.
It will be a positive influence on many levels for the area.

Really looking forward to seeing this project go forward

Excellent idea - it’ll do for brochs what the Loch Tay crannog reconstruction has done for crannogs and that historical era.

Good luck with the project, I believe it will be a huge success in putting Caithness on the map as a tourist destination not just a place to pass through on a 500 drive on the way to Orkney. I have seen first hand what something like the Kelpies have done for Falkirk as a place to visit and the building of a Broch will have a much bigger impact. You need to have the infrastructure in place to cope with increased tourist traffic to make this a success and keep the locals onside.

I wish then every success with the project, can't wait to visit.

So pleased to see this fascinating project gaining momentum - wishing you all the very best of luck!

Good luck with the project; such fascinating buildings!

Looking forward to visiting you once it’s all up and running.

I do not doubt in my mind that with such a rich history, it will be something that will attract many tourists far and wide who would wish to see and experience something fascinating that would feel like bringing history back to life. Additional facilities like a museum/shop would certainly attract a lot of tourists to learn about brochs and people I'm more than confident would love to see it.

I believe that your project is a wonderful attempt to build history today. Hope all goes well. I will visit when back in Scotland.

As someone who lived in Caithness for 12 years I fully support the BBB. I see no reason why a project such as this would not become as successful as the Scottish Crannog Centre on Loch Tay. Every new build has a carbon footprint but as long as the proposed centre is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, involves and fully engages the Caithness community (as the original broch builders must have done!), to me, it can only be a good thing. I now live in Cumbria but I strongly feel that this project, done in the right way would certainly engage and attract visitors - perhaps encouraging them to stay a little longer in the area in order to visit the centre.

I think this is a great idea and can't wait to see it completed

You only have to see how Orkney benefits from the Stone Age let’s do it for north Sutherland and Caithness

Great effort by all involved, thank you

Best wishes. Will visit when back in the area.

Love what you're doing and the energy and fun (as well as expertise) you're putting into raising the profile of Brochs and their history in Caithness. We lived in Lybster some years ago and know the area you've identified for the project. Wish we were still there to see it all become a reality! Exciting work, wish you all the best with it.

Keep up the amazing work towards your vision

As a Canadian whose family came from Caithness, this would be a massive add to the county. I visited Caithness last summer, and while there are beautiful sites to be seen, I found the county lacked bona fide cultural sites. The Broch project would be cultural and educational addition.

Keep up the good work

It’s a fantastic idea

A great opportunity for tourists to stop on this largely passable area.

Well done and looks fantastic

Fantastic project, will be a huge benefit to the area

The area has been crying out for a development such as this for decades. Just look at similar developments in Orkney.

I think it will be a wonderful opportunity to understand how a broch is built, why it was built, how it was used. It will allow people an easy access to see how magnificent a complete broch is. Build the broch and build it high.

Big brochs are the best, get high all the time.

I think this is a wonderful project that will be an asset much like the Wallace Monument for many years to come.

An amazing project for the far north

Well done on site choice

The project to construct a replica broch is very commendable. It will be a valuable asset to not only the immediate local community but also the wider Caithness economy. It is hopefully one the first major investment in the building an infrastructure to attract tourists and provide an educational insight into the history of the area. Such a facility is sadly lacking. The project is clearly ambitious in it's scale and objectives, however, having taken the opportunity to explore the project scope and aims, the location of the broch and its peripheral facilities are logical and well considered.

Look forward to seeing this project

I hope this is start of something special to see history alive

Great job

I have appreciated following your work from afar. Hoping to make to Caithness this year and see a broch in person!

Fantastic project. I would come all the way from New Zealand to visit the project.

Caithness has needed something like this for a long time and I’d like to congratulate the team on their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to get to this stage.

Fantastic project: can't wait for full completion.

Would love to see this become reality.

Keep up the good work!

Born in Caithness now living in Edinburgh always been fascinated with brochs

This is a huge (literally huge) opportunity for Caithness in terms of employment, training, long term jobs, tourism and the economy. It would be such a miss not to push this forward.

This will be an asset to the community and with further development with sympathetic local guidance be a real asset to the area and the county.

I hope you are successful with this. It is an exciting project and will be great for everyone to see what a broch looked like as the remnants excite many people as it is.

Excellent project

After watching your video I am super excited about your project and think it will be an amazing opportunity for Caithness and not to be missed. I am looking forward to watching how you progresses on this journey.

Keep up the good work

Well thought out project with impressive gains for the area and those who visit, both culturally and historically. The added ideas of reforestation and preservation of the environment is very responsible.

Can only be positive for the area, good to see someone taking the initiative

Very interesting project with wide appeal.

An excellent project

This will be of great benefit for Caithness

This will be a great asset to the area

Looking forward to a visit

Will make a huge difference

It is a fantastic idea to bring the past to life as Caithness has a long history.