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The Team

Meet the folk behind the project.

Iain MacLean

The man who first dreamt up the concept of The Broch Project for Caithness. Has a long held passion for history and archaeology, and spends much of his spare time tramping around both known and unknown sites.

Robin Herrick

Robin is a consulting engineer with years of experience on the Dounreay nuclear site, helping rip the guts out of the famous fast reactor Sphere. Naturally drawn to unusually shaped buildings, and possibly exhibiting some repressed interest in being an architect, he has found a role in the Caithness Broch Project team as Chief Engineer, CAD guru, occasional drone pilot, and now chairman.

Kenneth McElroy

Kenneth pictured here on a Yarrows dig, is one of the founding members of The Broch Project. He has a long-standing interest in the history, archaeology and tourist economy of Caithness. Kenneth is currently studying Archaeology at the University of Glasgow, where he was nominated as a 'Future World Changer' in 2018. 


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Joanne Howdle

Joanne is currently working as a freelance Museums consultant and tour guide at Rock Rose Gin, and has very recently completed her Masters Degree. She was formerly a Curator and Deputy Director of Caithness Horizons. Joanne has worked as a Museum Curator in a variety of different institutions including National Museums Liverpool and the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich since 1993. Since moving to Caithness and joining the team at Caithness Horizons Museum in 2009 she has developed an interest in the Iron Age in Scotland, with a particular interest in Picts and Vikings.