Archaeological Activities: The Bearded History of Caithness

Looking for some (indoor!) activities to keep you and the bairns occupied in the holidays?

We've got you sorted with out ARCHAEOLOGY ACTIVITIES - today it's the BEARDED HISTORY OF CAITHNESS, an illustration we had created by Gina Ramsay in 2018 as part of a pan-Caithness colouring competition.

Our drawing shows the mythical 'Cait', the legendary founder of Caithness, and his marvellous swaying beard, full of aspects of the history of Caithness.

This a great activity for children of all ages - and a lovely big of mindfulness, too. You can start by looking for the various historical characters and places in Caithness, and then you can get to the fun bit: colouring in!

We've included a high-res version of Cait here; you can print it off and colour it in - alternatively, you want to do it on a computer then you just need to download the image (right click and save onto your computer) - you can then use softward like Paint, or GIMP or Inkscape which are free.

You can also use photoshop: put the line art (jpeg) on a top layer with blend mode multiply and create layers underneath for the colour. The colour will show through white areas of the image.

For more info visit (

We'd love to see your efforts. Why not share them on Instagram or Twitter, too, using the #BeardedHistory tag?

Happy colouring in!

Download the image here

Or right click and 'save as' the image below.

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