Our Project Aims

The ultimate goal of The Broch Project is to rebuild a full scale Iron Age Broch, using traditional methods, along with a visitor centre and dry stone workshop. However to achieve this objective we feel the need to undertake some other vital works in preperation for this task. To progress these projects need YOUR help - click here to find out how you can support our ambitions...

Project 1. Outreach Events

Through the building of close working relationships with archaeological groups, Caithness Broch Project will create opportunities in the region for archaeological excavations and surveys to take place, with a strong focus on community involvement, complementing the work already achieved by archaeological groups in the county. 

We envisage a series of archaeological events and projects taking place in 2017, ranging from excavations to walks and talks, to coincide with the Scottish Government's 'Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology' - watch out for our first of these events, our Lego Broch touring schools and museums, from May 2017!

Project 2. Existing Site Promotion

The Caithness Broch Project will also work alongside community, tourism and heritage / archaeological groups to improve the access to and interpretation of existing brochs in the county, further improving the public’s ability to learn about such sites. This will include:


  • The erection of interpretive panels

  • The creation of pathways and trails

  • The installation of road signage

  • The production of various forms of literature - i.e. leaflets and brochures

  • We will also continue to use social media to spread awareness of our county's archaeology and history to a wide audience. 

Project 3. Conservation and Consolidation

In addition to improving awareness and access to certain sites, Caithness Broch Project will also work to conserve and consolidate existing brochs in Caithness. Of particular interest is Ousdale Broch, one of Caithness' finest examples of a broch, which sadly has suffered some recent collapse.

We will work alongside groups as such Historic Environment Scotland to maintain and preserve these brochs for future generations, and we hope to turn sites such as Ousdale into visitor attractions in their own right.

Image courtesy of Keiran Baxter, Topofly
Project 4. Build a Broch and Tourism Centre

Whilst we work on all of the above projects, CBP's main aim is to build a replica broch! 


The reconstruction of a broch would have several benefits - in addition to providing an iconic tourist attraction, it would provide employment from the construction phase through to long after the building has been completed.  The construction phase would help bring the dying trade of Caithness drystone dyking to the attention of the public. 


Drystone dyking workshops would be provided, allowing the public to come and try out a once-thriving skill. The broch would become a first-class ‘living history’ visitor attraction, furnished with all the items and furniture of the time, as well as using re-enactors to paint a picture of ancient life.

Creating such an attraction would provide a welcome boost to Caithness' tourism infrastructure, creating jobs and making the area more economically secure, as well as providing Caithness with a truly iconic emblem!