The Big Broch Build - a quick update!

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Kenneth McElroy

We just want to say a wee hello and THANK YOU to all our followers and fans on Facebook - we've had quite a few new join us, and so maybe it's worth saying where we are exactly with regards to our project.

And to those who have followed us for some time now - 9 years in some instances! - we're so grateful for your support. Your interaction with our project, whether it's the kind messages you send; the photos of brochs you visit; inviting us to do atalk for your organisation; joining as a Friend or Member; or donating to our cause - we really, really, massively appreciate it.

But - to all of you - we know that you follow this page because you want to see a 21st century broch built in Caithness, and we're working hard to achieve this.The thing is, we really are a grass-roots, totally voluntary organisation, so that means that things take a little bit longer to do. And let's be realistic - this is both a *unique* and *seriously huge* undertaking, and so it will take quite some time to pull off.

At the moment, we are at the site feasibility study stage. And, at the moment, we have TWO sites in mind, and we are working with the landowners and other stakeholders to get a better understanding as to which site is 'best'.But we want to do it right. We HAVE to do it right - and so there are a lot of considerations and complications in this project.

So, just now, we've got a company under contract to do a traffic / access design at Site #1. This is the major risk on that site, and so we have to assess what can be and could be done here, to ensure that it is safe to proceed with this place.

(Now, with that in mind, if anyone wanted to help us chip in towards this wee part of the project, that'd be great!)

On top of that, we are also going back there to do a more detailed peat survey. Peat is quite an important consideration in development projects in Scotland - and has to be protected wherever possible.

At Site #2 we had a positive meeting with the occupiers. They need to do more research on the land ownership and use situation there - which is somewhat complicated.Once we are a bit clearer with our efforts here, we can continue to work alongside our Project Development Brief partners Hoskins, who have been very patient and supportive so far.

Unfortunately we can't really share any photos are 'give away' where these sites are, so, in the meantime, you'll just have to use your imagination... but we hope to reveal them soon!

So - just a big thank you again to all of you for supporting us and keeping us going, and we hope to be able to share more news with you soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to join for FREE as a Friend, follow the link below:

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