Archaeological Activities: Photogrammetry!

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Caithness Broch Project


That's the sound you can make when you FLY THROUGH THE AIR LIKE SUPERMAN in our next...


Today's episode: PHOTOGRAMMETRY!

It's a big word - what's it mean? Essentially, it's the capturing and creation of 3D photographs, and so it allows you to check out objects and sites from several angles. It's a great way to record archaeology, and is super fun to use, too!

Archaeological activities photogrammetry 1

One object, many photos: for another overview of the process, check out Wessex Archaeology's Photogrammetry page here

Today we're going to show you a few fun examples of archaeology and photogrammetry, before showing y'all how to do your own.

📸So, first of all, why not check out MerlinWorks' fantastic 3D capture of Ousdale Burn Broch. Now, remember to make those all-important 'FWISH' sounds as you zoom through the landscape. It is really important and scientific, OK?

I want to fly over a Caithness Broch!

Here's some more archaeological examples you can check out:

😍Look at Mousa Broch, being all ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE:

Mousa Broch

Or what about Dun Carloway below?

💀 Or how about this 3D image of 'Ava' of the Achavanich Beaker Burial Project?

Achavanich Beaker Burial Project

🏀 Remember our last post on the carved stone balls? Even more here!

Carved stone balls

♟ And everyone loves the Lewis Chessmen, right? If you don't, sorry, ain't nobody got time for that.

Lewis Chessmen

(We also highly recommend checking out the Sketchfab profiles of Historic Environment Scotland, National Museums Scotland, Hugo Whymark-Anderson and Hamish Fenton in general!)

So, has that inspired you to do your OWN photogrammetry? It's dead simple - here are some clear and concise instructions on how you can get involved in the photographic phun:

Get started with photogrammetry HERE

Happy snapping, guys!