Thurso Beach

A short beach, popular with dippers, divers and dog-walkers!

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  • Thurso Beach is approx. 500m long


  • Parking available at Pentland Crescent, and beside the Salvation Army hall.


  • Fitness Level 1: Very Easy
  • Pram Accessible
  • The beach can be enjoyed from the promenade. There is a ramp at the western end of the beach leading down to the beach.

Additional Information

A small but picturesque beach where you can enjoy views across to Orkney, and even spot the Old Man of Hoy. This beach can be enjoyed as part of a longer amble along Victoria Walk, from Thurso Harbour (or even from Thurso Castle) to Burnside, and an even longer stroll to Scrabster Beach and Holborn Head - a great way to take in the town of Thurso!

Just to the east of Thurso Beach is Thurso East: the waves created here are of international repute, and is one of the best cold-water surfing spots in all of Europe. If you're a 'gromit', however, this might not be the best place to start, as there are lots of tricky reefs to navigate; Dunnet Beach serves as a good spot to learn how to surf, however!

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

At the western end of the beach there is a small cave with a number of names carved into the walls dating back to the 19th century. One carving shows the Boys Brigade insignia.

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