Scotland's Haven

Scotland’s Haven is the largest tidal pool in Caithness, measuring over 200 metres in length. Popular with wild swimmers and paddle boarders, this tidal pool is a wonderfully sheltered spot that can be enjoyed all year round.

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  • 2.4km


  • Parking for two or three cars available at start of walk. Please park at the gate marked "common grazing" next to The Highland Haven.


  • Boots or sturdy shoes recommended - steep, often wet climb required to cross the hill.

Additional Information

Scotland’s Haven is a natural tidal pool with a reef that is exposed on the north side at low tide. Park at the gate and head on the east path down towards the Haven. Please note that this path is quite difficult and getting down and up the hill is quite steep and very often wet.

It is best to visit the Haven when the tide is out to make the most of the large sandy beach. The beach is very shallow when the tide is out, making it ideal for young swimmers and paddle boarders.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

At low tide, look towards the reef: the 'bottleneck' shape you see may be the remains of an ancient fish trap.

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