Murkle Beach

A small stretch of sand, popular with surfers.

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  • The beach itself is approx. 1km in length.


  • Parking is an issue here: there's a farm track which comes off the main road. You have to walk down it for about 1km, before making your way out near the beach. You will need to find somewhere which does not inconvenience anyone else!


  • Fitness Level 1: Very Easy
  • Not Wheelchair Accessible

Additional Information

Murkle Beach is a small and tranquil part of Caithness, where you enjoy a stroll on the sand, taking in some WW2 defences, or have a paddle. A huge underwater cable runs from Murkle Beach to Rackwick Bay in Orkney.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Human bones, iron spearheads and a brass horse-shoe were reputedly found here. The bones and spearheads were found in 1840 when the sand slipped away, and the horse-shoe was found by Mr Murray some years afterwards. According to the 'Name Book' of 1872, "Cartloads of human bones can be found along the sandbank at this place."

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