Let us admit that we wouldn’t normally recommend this to visit – one for the harbour purists, perhaps! No doubt this was once an interesting site, though, being the location of one of Scotland’s few Viking boat burials.

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Additional Information

Huna Harbour consists of a small pier and a tiny sandy beach. This stretch of Caithness, however, was once occupied by Norse settlers, as evidenced by the Norse pottery, a Norse midden and even a Viking boat burial discovered nearby! The name Huna itself may be related to the ‘Hofn’, the possible burial place in 980 of Hlodvar Thorfinnsson. Just think, you could be walking across something Norse when you visit!

You can find out more about Huna and its history, as well as other archaeological and historical sites, on Canmore, Scotland’s historic environment record.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The decorated stone above the entrance to the Huna Hotel was carved by John Nicolson.

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